Helder Cardeira

Smart Contracts and the Construction Industry


I have been advocating the benefits of using smart contracts in the construction industry since 2015. I believe smart contracts will provide the industry with tools to ensure security of payment and a transparent audit trail for each project. I often talk about these topics at conferences and seminars.

I use this website to publish my research papers and to promote my professional interests. Feel free to get in contact with me if anything in here resonates with you.


The benefits of integrating smart contracts and BIM using an XML protocol

The benefits of BIM to the construction industry have been object of extensive research, but rarely about the benefits of integrating BIM and Smart Contract. This paper explores the integration of Smart Contracts and BIM through an XML protocol; and illustrates the possible benefits to the construction industry of moving in that direction. Due to the lack of literature on this subject this paper also makes recommendations ​for further research.

Smart contracts and passible applications to the construction industry

A recent inquiry into Construction Industry Insolvency in NSW highlighted the timing and guarantee of payments to be at the heart of the problem. As a result of the inquiry, the NSW Government made alterations to the NSW Construction Industry Security of Payment Act, but no measures could be implemented to guarantee the financial security of a contract. This paper suggests that smart contracts and crypto-currencies can provide the construction industry with an efficient method of payment security and protection against insolvency.

White Paper

The advantages of using a web payments platform in the construction industry based on smart contracts and cryptocurrencies

MSc Thesis

UK Property Derivatives

UK property derivatives were a popular topic in the press in 2006. Back then much had been said about the benefits of property derivatives and little about the inefficiencies of property indices. My research focused on the nature and construction of property indices and concluded that UK property derivatives were based on an inefficient underlying asset which was prone to arbitrage.

About me

I am a registered Architect and Chartered Quantity Surveyor with a solid tacit experience in all aspects of development management.
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I run a monthly 2 hours workshop about property feasibilities for anyone interested in property finance.
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