Helder Cardeira

I am a registered Architect and chartered Quantity Surveyor with a solid tacit experience in all aspects of property development. I work as a Project Manager in Sydney.

I have studied and worked in Portugal, Italy, Norway, China, Sweden and the UK, before moving to Australia.

I like to write about my experiences in the construction industry. One day in the life of a contracts administrator is a paper about my experiences working as a Contracts Administrator in the form of a short story. Getting buildings off the ground is based on my personal experiences bringing a poorly managed project back on track.

I am passionate about the applications of smart contracts and cryptocurrencies in the construction industry. I have written a white paper and a brief introduction to the subject as well as spoken about it at conferences and seminars. Most recently, I have started researching the benefits of integrating BIM with Smart Contracts, which I have compiled in a discussion paper.

My knowledge and interest in smart contracts came about following one year long journey through the world of startups and innovation, which I have documented in death of a startup.

I have always nurtured a passion for property development, hence my decision to move on from architecture to focus on cost planning and management, and to enroll in a Master program in Quantity Surveying when I was living in London. I chose to write my MSc dissertation on UK property derivatives, which dealt with the inefficiencies of property indices and the peculiarities of property as an underlying asset for financial derivatives.

Feel free to email or send me a tweet if one of my papers resonates with you. Alternatively you can also get in touch via LinkedIn, or subscribe to this website. Once I publish a new paper I can let you know via email.